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Jenny Bragg

Davines Ed Jenny Bragg

I've been an artist my entire life.

Ever since I can remember all I ever wanted to do was make art. Originally that began with drawing. First animals, then eyeballs, and for a long time abstract scenes. Mostly using pen and ink, pastels, & pencil. 

For years I tried my hand at various jobs, being told and believing art would only ever be a hobby, I tried my hand at a few"professional jobs" but I always found myself bored and wanting more. In 2011 I left my desk job and moved to SLC to attend Paul Mitchell and begin a career that scratched my creative itch. I fell in love with it almost immediately. Color and blonding came easy to me having a background and deeper understanding of color theory than most are lucky enough to begin with due to my background in art. Cutting was simple geometry. I did everything I could. Said yes to every extra credit, club, and event. I had an amazing school experience and graduated early in August of 2012 earning full honors as a licensed Cosmetologist & Barber.

I opened my first salon, Jackson Parlour, after returning to Jackson Hole just 2 years later. 

I earned many accolades during my time in Jackson through building a successful business that ultimately led me to Davines education training in 2017. 

After the birth of my second child, my husband and I decided to relocate our family just 40 miles west in Driggs, Idaho. In 2021 I opened The Little Shop of Hairs, a boutique Davines hair studio.

I specialize in all things color but am known for my natural and long lasting blondes, my blowouts, and straight razored shags. 

My philosophy as a stylist is a "no maintenance" approach. I don't support terminology such as "beauty trends" or "age appropriate". I believe everyone deserves to live life on their own terms and personal authenticity is key to that. True beauty comes from health and happiness. 

As a visual artist, I specialize in hand drawn animal portraiture and watercolor & ink florals.

One style is extremely detailed and controlled while the other is wild and free which is a polarity that seems to accurately represent me as a whole.

There is nothing I value more than connecting with my clients through creating a piece of art that speaks to who they are, whether it be on paper or your head.

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