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Jenny Bragg

Jenny Bragg Davinnes Education
Jenny Bragg Educator

After years of working in business management, I became a hairdresser in my late 20's and pretty much knew the overall vibe I wanted to promote through my work. I'm very good with organization, and all that running a business entails but at heart I'm a creative and I really feel this helped me achieve a sense of authenticity early on. Within 2 years of graduating from cosmetology school I opened my first salon in Jackson Hole, Wy. called Jackson Parlour. Within another 2 years I upgraded to a space large enough to employ a staff of 6 and begin an assisting program for new cosmetology graduates. I've always been very passionate about helping new stylist's achieve success in their craft as well as financial freedom. I currently offer stylist business mentorship & coaching, and behind the chair education.

By the end of 2020, the pandemic had lasting effects on our local real estate market and we decided to invest in a home 40 minutes west of Jackson. To best suit my familiy's needs, I closed Jackson Parlour and relocated to Teton Valley, Idaho. I opened a small boutique salon, The Little Shop of Hairs, in downtown Driggs, Idaho. Due to the size of my salon, my assistant program became rather exclusive.

Currently I am also studying to be a Nutritionist and have found this knowledge to be very helpful when educating my clients about scalp and skin health. 


My Philosophy behind the chair....

I believe our life experiences shape us in a very individualistic way and our physical image should imbue that uniqueness. In my craft there is no room for the words "age appropriate". 

I don't conform to my industry standards and norms of what's trending, or preying upon all the things my clients don't enjoy about their look in order to profit off of "fixing it", but rather like to focus on the individualized unique beauty, and enhance those features through shapes, contours, color, and tones.

I firmly believe that healthy is what's most beautiful and that should add a level of comfort and ease to your routines. This allows for low maintenance hair that looks amazing at every stage with little to no styling effort on your part. Long past are the days where you leave the salon looking amazing but feeling slightly disappointed you can't reproduce the same look every day after. 

I love teaching my clients how to style and care for their hair so that it looks amazing everyday and at every stage of grow out!

I am continually seeking and experiencing education in the realms of cutting, coloring, and blonding. Having obtained so much additional education  through becoming a Davines Educator over the last 10 years, I am very well versed in scissor and razor cutting all textures (I especially love curly hair), deposit color and many, many blonding techniques such as balayage, foilage, color melts, root refreshes, basic hilights, baby lights, gray transitions, and more.

I pride myself on using the best professional and ethical product and color lines on the market so that your hair not only looks, but also feels amazing.

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